Friday, 4 October 2013

Illicit Acts of Government

Illicit Acts

We’ve become so accustomed to the illicit acts of government that we tolerate them. They are nonetheless illicit and as such lack the legitimate authority of properly constituted and enacted law. Illicit acts include lies and deception, concealment, propaganda, fraud, bribery and undue influence, a toxic brew festering in the seats of power in New Brunswick.

The lure of shale gas has stirred up a witches brew of the most outrageous illict acts we could ever imagine. Police bullying, the outing of LaPierre, the outlandish statements of Craig lLeonard, David Alward and the Irving papers, and now the injunction: these are a few of my favourite things.

Law school is 30 years away for me, but I do recall that an ex parte injunction, one granted without notice to the other parties, is granted only in cases of clear urgency and an unarguable legal claim. This is neither. Among other things, the government is the transgressor here, having ignored its constitutional duty to consult with the natives before authorizing natural resource extraction. This injunction should not have been issued without proper notice to the parties affected and an opportunity to present evidence and defend their actions. This is the foundation of our legal system, tossed in the dustbin.

The injunction should not be enforced since it was illicitly solicited from and issued by the judge. They all know this and they also know that efforts to enforce an injunction issued on a non-existent foundation are in blatant bad faith.

Governmental bad faith is the order of the day, but when it becomes this blatant it becomes very difficult to ignore or tolerate.

The government cannot possibly win a debate based on lies and brute force on one side and common sense and reason on the other. The current rash of outrageously illicit behavior by a broad slew of our once trusted and respected elite smacks of desperation, shameful acts they have brought upon themselves since not one of them can muster the courage to own up and do the decent thing.

Tomorrow, let us all stand proudly behind Chief Sock and the warriors for their courageous acts.