Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The What, Why and If

I commenced this blog in response to a particular incident of glaring injustice.  It was clearly wrong, a misuse of police power against a citizen for his exercise of free speech.  I though I had something to say about it and I started this blog and published and tweeted my opinions.

I stood up for Charles Leblanc as did others.  An egregious wrong was diverted, repeated and diverted again, but Charles still waits for justice.  Indeed, many wronged people, mostly the disadvantaged, are deprived of justice in this province.

Other than the very infrequent post that I intend to publish, and post on twitter and facebook, my posts here are mainly for my own reference, and I welcome anyone who is interested in pursuing the same ideas and information as I am.

When I publish something on here, I put some thought into the content with that in mind.  I am prepared to stand behind my considered opinions.  Otherwise, the content I post - links, videos, opinions, whole articles  - are posted for own interest and may reflect mere passing thoughts.  Either way, I am open to comments that are posted in a vein of moving a thought or discussion forward.  Toxic comments, and any post that seeks to conceal ill intent behind an anonymous identity may be deleted.

I identify with the progressive movement of individuals that seek to improve the world.
 The progressive movement is becoming more and more visible and prevalent in public spaces.  On the other hand, the world is still awash with nasty people motivated by greed and power, and suffused with ill-intent, and they must be opposed in every peaceful way possible as they are destroying our civilization and harming the planet irreversibly. 

Such people are not welcome here and do not have permission or license to access my content.  You are prohibited from continuing to access my site without express permission from me. 

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